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Global Collaborators' Alliance

The Alliance Consulting Consortium


The Alliance Consulting Consortium

Fellows interested in being part of any consulting projects can join this group so they can be contacted as needed by anyone seeking collaborators.

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Comment by John Renesch on March 7, 2012 at 10:45am

Next issue of our newsletter I will be mentioning this consortium of consultants so we may get more people to come on board down the road. I have been focused on building our numbers, interviewing/researching prospects, so not too active here. Any of us can change this by simply being more proactive.

Comment by Clinton Callahan on November 10, 2012 at 5:14am

Dear Colleagues,

I suspect that each of us has projects rolling along that we have not yet asked for collaboration about. I for one think of three projects I am working on right now that you could all help me with.

Today I was thinking that if we start helping each other succeed in our futureshapers projects I think others might start seeing the benefits of relaxing long-practiced lone-wolf-single-fighter behaviors.

Towards this end I take a risk here and ask for collaborative support:

Project 1: Gaian League. Three of us are on the road as the Gaian Road Team seeking connections to start conversations with smaller countries to join together as the Gaian League as described in Ross Jackson's new book Occupy World Street and his website( We are headed towards New Zealand. Do you have and connections or suggestions for us? Other leads?


Project 2: The three of us are developing a new style computer game (Massively Multiplayer On & Offline Personal Development Game) and a specific story board to implement it (Initiation).

This is a revolutionary new style of video game that takes people away from their computers and out into the real world to gain "matrix" points.

What we need for this is technical program development project managers and financing. Any ideas?

Thanks for offering collaboration.

Best wishes,

Clinton Callahan

Next Culture Research & Training Center





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